Multifaceted Ministries

Children’s Ministry

Knowing and having Christ in your heart as a child is what the Kingdom of God is all about. It was Christ who said, “suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, “for of such is the kingdom of God,” (Luke 18:16). It is our mission as a ministry to make sure all children understand that they belong to Christ and they have a place in the kingdom. Come learn while having fun as a child of God.
Teen Youth for Christ (TYC)
Teen Youth for Christ, is committed to raising up a generation of young leaders to impact their generation. If you think you got what it takes to be a youth leader for Christ we invite you to attend one of our “Teen Youth Nights” (TYN) every 3rd Saturday at 6:30 pm. It will be an experience you will never forget.

Women of Purpose and Destiny (WPD)

Women of Purpose and Destiny is a women ministry dedicated to serving the Kingdom of God with a purpose. Founder and President Sheba Jackson vision for this ministry was conceived through much prayer and a desire to help women discover their purpose and destiny in the Kingdom. Annual conferences, yearly women events such as workshops, seminar and regular fellowships are a few things (WPD) does for women. Come and be refresh and discover the purpose behind why you were created with a purpose and destiny.

Emerging Men’s Ministry (EMM)

Emerging Men’s ministry is committed to raising up men one family at a time. The need for men to emerge and show strong leadership in their home, community, and society has never been greater. (EMM) allows men to be who God has called and created them to be; REAL MEN! Our activities include outdoor recreation, retreats, home fellowship, bible studies, men outreach, and trips. We meet every 1st Saturday at 6:30 pm. 

Kingdom Couple’s Ministry (KCM)

Kingdom Couple’s ministry is a fellowship dedicated to building healthy strong and long-lasting marriages. We meet monthly for fellowship, host couples retreats, outings, seminars, and workshops. Each fellowship is uniquely different and is design to fulfill God’s purpose for marriage.

Kingdom Mission Ministry (KMM)

Kingdom Mission ministry has many aspects but its main purpose is meeting the needs of those who are less fortunate. Helping the poor and homeless is not a religious duty but an obligation as followers of Christ. We seek to empower, restore and rebuild lives by helping the poor, hungry and homeless through the resource of food and clothing give away. Help us impact the lives of those in need through donations and gifts. Helping People and Changing Lives is Our Mission, why not make it yours.

Street P.A.S.S.I.O.N Ministry

An outreach ministry that goes outside of the four walls to the people on the streets. Includes outside events such as entertainment, park parties, cookouts, clothing giveaways, turkey giveaways, and community calendar events.

Recovery Through the Word

A “12 Step Recovery Class” that addresses more than the physical and emotional addiction but also the spiritual challenges that leaves a person empty and void. Class is designed to help individuals overcome habits and learn coping skills. This class is sure to benefit anyone that struggles with any form of addiction.

SSEM Foundation/Covenant Class

SSEM Foundation/Covenant Class: This is for members who would like to be in covenant with SSEM church family. This class is mandatory before membership is complete. We believe that covenanting with a local church strengthen both the members and church and build a fruitful relationship in the Body of Christ. We believe being in covenant is much more important than being just a member.

Elite Ministries Leadership Institute (EMLI)

Elite Ministries Leadership Institute, is an equipping, training and disciplining institute that develops lay men and women with leadership skills. We strive to provide the highest quality of teaching, training and learning for kingdom impact and excellence. Courses consist of 4-8 week classes. For more information on how you can enroll please contact our office at 315.423.3829.

Wailing Intercessors Team (WI)

Wailing Intercessors prayer team is a team of intercessors prayer warriors that advocate the will of God on behalf of others and the church, that we may have our joy fulfilled and His will done on earth as it is in heaven. If you are in need of prayer let us pray for you. You can contact us for prayer requests by email or phone.

Weekend Warrior’s Bootcamp (WWB)

A Saturday summer camp for community kids, grades K thru 7th. The camp focuses on positive behavior, good communication skills, relationship building and interaction with others, all in the spirit of fun. Fun and entertainment are the incentives of the program.

Youth Empowerment Ministry (YEM)

Is an extension of EMM – Emerging Men’s Ministry – a community program designed for troubled youths. Our goal is to create an alternative for young boys that will provide mentors. This program consists of dialoguing, discussion and teaching males responsibility and accountability amongst other topics that address male issues such as education, health, employment, crime and role models.

Freedom Ministry

Is a JAIL MINISTRY that offers encouragement, support and a second chance in life. Jail ministry service, bible study, inmate visits, counseling, and continual rehabilitation after release for those who want to continue to rebuild their life. Additional help as needed.


Helps women and girls who are in serious need of support and encouragement. Who struggle with depression, insecurity, drugs, alcohol addictions, physical and emotional abuse, and many other social setbacks. Our goal is to provide assistance, leadership, and counsel that will help improve their life. Also, we serve as a source for additional information on other women’s programs and services in the community.


Mission is to assists and support those in need both nationally and internationally. To impact lives around the globe by helping to improve the lives of those in need.
Project Restoration International
Is a joint partnership created to assist and support those with disability. Our goal is simple, supply adequate, relevant and cost-efficient supplies and services to the disabled.

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